Exciting erotic massage in Therapy

Красивая полуголая девушкаErotic massage is one of the most luxurious forms of foreplay. The willingness to have sex is no longer about having a quick frolic like teenagers. Today men prefer to comprehend new facets of sexual pleasure and try different practices for reaching the peak of pleasure. But everything new is well forgotten old.

Massage techniques have come down to us from ancient times. Touching, rubbing and acting on certain points of the human body have a positive effect on the body. Depending on the technique, the person can relax or invigorate, and also stretch or tone the muscles.

Massage is used in medicine for a number of diseases, and its healing power has long been proven by scientists and doctors. At the same time, the effect of erotic massage is often underestimated, considering it a simple entertainment or a prelude before sex. Moreover, for some reason it is considered indecent to receive such a massage in strip clubs. It’s not like that at all. A good erotic massage surpasses other techniques in its healing power for the body and soul. Girls in Therapy are fluent in erotic massage skills and are able to deliver an unforgettable pleasure to the guest.

Massage to heal body and soul

Massage has deep historical roots. Archaeological finds indicate that it was used for treatment and recovery by the ancient Egyptians, Persians and Assyrians. In ancient Rome, warriors were given massage after battle to treat minor injuries. In Greece, massage was used along with other medicines. This pleasant procedure was developed in India and China, where it was performed by priests to strengthen the body and restore strength.

At that time, to achieve the effect of relaxation and excitement, they used a special type of massage – erotic. It was also used as a prophylaxis for violations in the work of the genital organs. The ancient Greeks intensified the effect of warm massage indoors, but the Japanese came up with the idea of using ice to make the sensations brighter. At the same time, signs of the use of this type of massage were found all over the world, because the art of love and pleasure has existed since the creation of mankind.

Erotic massage brings pleasure and benefits to the body, because manipulations improve blood circulation and have a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system. The technique of execution remains almost the same as with a regular massage, only it all happens more tender, softer and more pleasant. We are talking about all kinds of kneading, stroking and rubbing. Additional tools such as beads, feathers, sticks, pieces of ice, fur and balls are often used. Manipulations stimulate an erection in a man, help relieve stress, temporarily abstract from problems and everyday worries, and also relax and experience enchanting pleasure. At the same time, sexual potential is revealed, erogenous zones awaken, opening up new opportunities for exploring your sexuality. Precisely because of its magical effect, intimate massage techniques were used to get pleasure by noble and status men, which gave an incredible burst of energy.

The Nuru technique is especially popular in Japan, when several naked masseuses slide over a man’s body. The body of each participant in this procession is covered with aromatic oil, which facilitates gliding, and its pleasant scent promotes relaxation. During the procedure, the masseuse makes the most of her body and tries to touch everywhere so that not a single cell of the body is left without pleasure.